The Top 3 Skills I Have Gained Working for Avant Synergy

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Over the past month, I have been reflecting on my time with Avant Synergy. Working as both a contractor and an employee for the company has filled me with a personal sense of gratification and my resume with a variety of skills! When I think about the top skills I have been able to add, I realize that they have very little to do with professional skills and more to do with personal growth.

Although I have gained experience in copywriting, administrative services, and organizational services, there are three skills I have gained which I value even more.

1. Self-Confidence

Having to get up in front of large groups of people can be intimidating, but doing it weekly at networking meetings has made it much less frightening. With Avant Synergy, I was also expected to conduct and close meetings with the decision makers of different companies. These job duties have helped my self-confidence which translates to the betterment of every aspect of my life.

2. What It Takes to Be Successful in The Business World

Understanding the way things work in the business world is not something you can explain to someone who has not lived it. To think you can reach your goals working strictly 9-5 Monday through Friday is just silly. You need to be flexible and persistent. You need to be willing to get up early for a networking event, then work 9-5, then go out for a drink after work with any potential clients from the networking meeting. Professional relationships can be your best resource for gaining clients so you need to be open to fostering these relationships.

3. How to Live the Life I Want

The third and most important skill I have picked up from Avant Synergy is the clear vision of what I want my life to look like. For the past few years I have been able to work almost exclusively from home which has been wonderful beyond words. I look forward to continuing having financial success and personal freedom to raise my daughter. I have seen where hard work and a clear path can take you and am inspired by Heidi’s entrepreneurial spirit to reach whatever life goals I set for myself.
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Sarah Krotz

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