Angela’s Pantry Makeover Helps My Marriage

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Look readers, I love my husband, but the man just does not have the organization gene. You know the kind of guy I’m talking about right? The type who throws his dirty socks on the floor, right next to the laundry basket. Well this month, I have decided to make his life, and mine, easier […]

Let Us Organize Your Life!

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Avant Synergy’s Organization Services can help you feel organized, put together, and focused about what’s next! From on-site office organization, to e-file organization and management – we will create space for you to physically be productive, as well as mentally. We are thrilled to have satisfied client’s, like Kathy Mueller from the Woodbury Dance Center […]

Kanban not in effect

The Pantry Kanban Saved

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This week I’m excited to share the results of my latest organizational project. During the month of August I’ve been motivated to tackle various home org projects. The goal is to spend this time purging and organizing so as to make room for my life to be filled up with experiences (of my choosing!). My […]


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