Stop Trying to Balance it All

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Project Managers are able to juggle many different balls in the air at one time. They are effective, efficient, and the epitome of balancing it all. Extraordinary humans, actually. Planning, facilitating, motivating teams, meeting deadlines as well as budget targets, effortlessly. The more tasks they are given, it seems, the more they can do. What lessons can be learned from those who seem to balance everything so well?

Ask Heidi, the Owner and Founder of Avant Synergy, and she will good-naturedly tell you, “Don’t be fooled. It’s not as easy as it looks.” Balancing it all- work, family life, running a growing business, mentoring…it takes heart. Heidi will follow by telling you, “Learning how to balance it all requires understanding, on a deeper level, that balancing it all is not actually the goal!”  Wait…what?

Stop Trying to Balance it All

Work and life are often compartmentalized. Work is something we do from 9a-5p, or 2-10p, or 12a-8a… Life is then categorized as everything else. Yet after you get home from work, get a meal on the table, support the kids through homework, walk the dogs… there just never seems to be enough time left over for the fun stuff! This is when work-life balance feels out of whack and work is to blame because it is the biggest interruption to the day. When work is viewed in this compartmentalized manner, it seriously gets in the way of more wonderful things.

What Heidi will inspire you to consider is this, “Your actual goal (for work and life) should be to love what you do so much that you don’t need “work-life balance,” because you will see everything as just beautiful, hard, crazy, ordinary, awesome Life.” This doesn’t mean that she agrees with the quote “Do something you love and never work a day in your life”. Because that’s not the case at all. Life requires hard work – and typically the things that require the hardest work (marriage & parenting, to name a few) also offer the greatest reward.

Imagine the possibilities if you stopped seeing work as an interruption. What if you decided to start seeing it as something you were lucky enough to enjoy doing every day? What would that look like? Would you stop needing to find more time in your day? Or, would you suddenly realize that hard work, and even the frustrations that come with it, are what make a life worth living? Consider the possibilities of this paradigm shift. If after thinking on this concept you circle back to the realization that your work is nothing more than an interruption to your day, it is definitely time to consider pursuing something else!

Project Managers, like Heidi, can teach us a great deal about balancing it all. Heidi loves what she does and it shows. She works tirelessly to manage her responsibilities, and is a full-time parent and wife as well. Her business mission is to serve and move other leaders forward, faster. This mission of service extends into her family life as well. It’s this continuity of purpose that makes ‘life’ and ‘work’ meld together into something brutiful (brutal and beautiful – a wonderfully accurate word, courtesy of Momastry).

-Angela, Content Manager

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