Organizational Services

Avant Synergy’s Organization Services can help you feel organized, put together, and focused on what’s next! From on-site office organization, to e-file organization and management – we will create space for you to physically be productive, as well as mentally.

Utilizing tools such as Kanban, Lean Flow, and a Just-In-Time approach, your paper and e-file space will be reimagined. We take what this blogger did to her pantry, and apply it to your physical and/or virtual space!

On-Site Office Organization:
From your home office to a large office space, we have four packages which will ensure Organizational Success! Our team comes on-site and gets to work.

Package Office Organizers Hours/Days
Basic One (1) 7 hours, 1 day
Quick Two (2) 4 hours, 1 day
Deluxe Two (2) 11 hours, 7 hours day 1, 4 hours day 2
Complete Three (3) 7 hours, 3 days

Avant Synergy Process Improvement Services:

  • Workflow analysis
  • Creating functional space
  • Updating Workflow
  • Kanban and Par Level systems
  • Providing documentation to reduce duplication
  • Kaizen and lean principals

Contact Avant Synergy today and begin to move your business forward, faster with our Process Improvement Services.

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