Business & Project Management Solutions

Avant Synergy’s Business & Project Management Solutions create the space for flexibility, growth, and forward momentum in your business.


Our Business & Project Managers have the skill, flexibility, and tenacity to lead or augment any team. No matter the size or scope, partner with us to ensure the success and implementation of your goals. Perhaps you have a project on the horizon, our team can take the lead. We consider a project to be any organized effort that creates a specific product, service, process, outcome, or plan. No matter the circumstance, change is inevitable. People are constantly regrouping, reevaluating, and reorganizing. Life is not static. It is vibrant and full of possibility.

Utilizing our Business & Project Management Solutions for a project, or in conjunction with our other resources WILL move you Forward, Faster. We work efficiently by having clear objectives outlined on any given assignment. Once a goal has been identified, we will stop at nothing to accomplish it.

To us, success is when the objective of the task has been met and the client is pleased (we prefer *thrilled*) with the final outcome.

Avant Synergy strives to:

  • Meet (beat!) important deadlines
  • Reduce redundancies in current process
  • Keep the objective in focus
  • Create positive relationships among those working on the project
  • Teach and build skills, as needed
  • Reduce on-going costs for businesses by maximizing current resources
  • Reduce workload so you can focus on what matters most

Contact Avant Synergy today and begin to move your business forward, faster with our Sales Consulting & Business Management Solutions.

Partner with Avant Synergy to find a solution to any of your business needs. Our team of enthusiastic and innovative individuals will work tirelessly to help you and your business excel.

Examples of tasks our team may tackle?

  • Implement exit strategy tasks
  • Set up systems (central call centers, schedules, etc)
  • Sales data management, suggestions, implementations
  • Implement marketing plans (variety of tasks within this)
  • Advanced e-file organization using Lean/Kaizen principles as well as process for continued success
  • Facilitate new initiative and/or construction project
  • Advanced Microsoft Office Suite projects and templates
  • Manage office staff (AP, AR, HR, Reception, etc)
  • Review AP/AR process for continued success
  • Review manual(s), work standards, policies, procedures – standard template creation and conversion to best practice
  • Review mission, vision, values and goals to help ensure all of the above lead to these key statements

Contact Avant Synergy today and begin to move your business forward, faster with our Business & Project Management Solutions.


Anything you need.

Partner with Avant Synergy to find a solution to move your business forward, faster.

The sky's the limit. Just ask.

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