Quality vs. Quantity

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Let’s face it. Stuff gets in the way. It gets in the way of being free, being our best, and being efficient. Several years ago I was deeply impacted by book written on a rather elementary topic. The book was called, “Life Lessons Learned While Shopping,” by Amanda Ford. This little gem of a read has provided me with some valuable insights. My absolute favorite concept in the book was the idea of choosing quality over quantity. At the mall, this means I pass on really great sales if the clothing is mediocre, poorly made, or only somewhat flattering. I will opt for one pricier item that is classic and durable. When I do this, my closet remains clutter free from the onset. It also means I spend less time deciding what to wear and more time having fun at the destination. I usually don’t have to replace as often because it was designed and made with quality in mind.

At work, the concept of quality vs. quantity means I focus my time on larger projects that will impact the overall mission of my company. I resist saying yes to peripheral tasks that detract and distract. Those tasks can be delegated. This results in me being able to give quality time and attention to projects that matter. I’d much rather do this than spend a work day that is composed of scattered minutes attending to the emails that never stop. They never stop.

Avant Synergy believes in providing quality customer service that results in…results. As an objective guest invited to assist your business, we may be able to identify areas in which long-standing practices are actually detracting from your ability to be efficient. We can help you sort through the details, then tackle those details, so that you can focus on the big projects! The revenue producing projects! The business building projects!

Sometimes you may not have the luxury of delegating or getting away from the details. If that is the case, here are some quick ideas on how to gain back some quality time in your day.

  • Start your day by identifying core projects you would like to accomplish. Jot them down. Set your intention and get to it!
  • Block off chunks of time to check email and stick to the schedule. (This will feel unnatural at first, but very liberating once you’ve set your boundaries!)
  • Check out some free project management resources online and consider using them.
  • Don’t buy office supplies just because they are on sale. Only buy if you actually need the item and have a plan to use it within a short period of time. Excess stuff needs storage space. When there isn’t adequate storage space (which is most of the time) stuff overflows. It creeps into every facet of your work space, and will keep you from finding things that you actually need to use!

Whatever quantity of STUFF is preventing you from being effective, efficient, and free, consider purging some of it from your day… Your week… Your life. Not sure where to start? Avant Synergy is just an email or phone call away. Take advantage of our Spring Organizational Promotion going on now!

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-Angela, Operations Manager

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