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After tackling the clutter under my sink last week I was feeling motivated to see what else I could purge and organize. I’m on a mission to improve my time management by decluttering. I’ve got the bug. What can I say? It was pretty easy to decide on my next organizational project. My husband’s side of the closet. It’s an anxiety inducing space for me. Thankfully my husband is a good sport and accepted my offer to ummmm… thin things out a little.

Here is a before photo to give you an idea of what I was up against:


Closet overflow

Exactly two hundred items. I counted them all. Every pair of socks. Each shirt, tie, and pair of jeans. Do you know how much laundry that produces? How much time it takes each morning to decide what to wear?

My strategy for organizing was to pull every item from the closet. This allowed me to have a clean slate.

closet organizing

The Great Closet Clean Out!

My goal was to keep only the items in good condition, current or classic style, and with proper fit. A lesson learned from this process is that when organizing, things often look MUCH WORSE before it looks better. All two hundred items were strewn about the bedroom in whatever available floor and bed space I could find.

I recently read another fabulous blog post from The Organized Life in which Erin (also mentioned in the previous blog) tackled her closet organization project using the KonMari method. For more on this trending and effective method please visit Erin’s blog post. Inspired by this approach, I touched every item. Items that were ripped, stained, or ill-fitting were automatically tossed aside. For all other items I used my instinct to decide what “sparked joy.” Since none of these clothes were mine, I had a much easier time parting with items that did nothing for me. I set these aside for my husband to take a final look through before donating. A lesson learned from this process is that it is much easier for a neutral person to purge items than someone who has a first hand connection to the items. My husband and I rarely dispute, but there were some defensive feelings exchanged during this process. Don’t worry. We worked through it, and had a lively discussion about how we humans can become attached to the most random of things.

After 2.5 hours of dedicated time, we both felt pretty satisfied with the 103 items that made the cut. (This includes 16 pairs of socks- which is exactly half of what he previously owned).

Only the keepers

Only the keepers

There is NOTHING on the floor anymore. Everything has a hangar or fits in the drawers. Now the laundry basket full of clean clothes doesn’t sit for days because there is immediate, accessible space for the items to be put away. This save on ironing time as well!

In closing, I want to emphasize that the tactics used to improve time management and household process are highly transferable to the work space. Avant Synergy provides awesome organizational services under the broad service category of Process Improvement. As I learned from this little project, it is often necessary to have a neutral person be the one to do the organizing and efficiency planning. Just as attachments are formed to crazy things like oversized t-shirts we wore in college, so business owners can become attached to processes that no longer “fit” the needs of the business. Call in the skilled team from Avant Synergy to help you find ways to gain precious time, resources, and efficiency.

-Angela, Operations Manager

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  1. LOVE IT!!! I’m impressed that you did your husband’s side of the closet. I didn’t do my hubby’s side, although I’m fairly confident I could purge half his clothes and he’d never notice. I’m trying to get him to do what I did with the Konmari method…still working on that… By the way, my hubby probably has 4 times as many clothes as I did when I started. I’m sure now, with my measly number of clothes, he’s got at least 10-20 times more clothes.

    • …and yet the women always get teased for having more clothing and accessories than the men! I can hardly describe how happy it made me to go through my husband’s items. I had done my side about three months prior. Our closet is now more “balanced.” Very thankful he was on board and just let me at it. The aftermath has brought nothing but joy.

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