Making the Last Two Months of 2016 Your Best

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Happy Halloween from Avant Synergy! Although we are taking the day for some faBOOlous fun, we are geared up and ready to dominate the last two months of 2016! Do you want to make the last two months of 2016 your best? Here’s a few of our best ways to make a big push to end the year.

1. Get out a list of every existing client you have and call them to get an idea of what their end of year needs are. You do not want to let the enthusiasm for the new year drive customers in to the competitions doors just because they called first. Once you discover what your clients’ needs are, create a proposal tailored to what they’re looking for and get it sent!

2. Figure out who your golden goose is. Do you have a couple of clients who are great at getting you referrals or sharing your social media posts? If so, create a campaign that targets them or a unique offer just for those customers. Keep them close and include them in your holiday party or end of the year award ceremony. People like to feel appreciated, so make sure your golden geese know you are grateful.

3. With only two months left until the new year, employees are looking forward to holidays more than hitting their sales goals. It is time to re-inspire them! We recommend finding fun ways to finish any end of the year trainings or unique ways to update them on the company’s goals. An example could be a strategy meeting at a spa, favorite restaurant or sports bar! Another great option is to incentive your team to meet their goals with an end of year bonus, a holiday party or basic raffle prizes.

So there you have it, Avant Synergy’s three strategies for making the last two months of 2016 your best! If you need help hitting your goals or establishing them for 2017, contact us today!

Sarah Krotz, Operations & Engagement Director

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