How to make Work-Life Balance Happen

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The last two blog posts, Stop Trying to Balance it All, and End the Pursuit of Work-Life Balance, provided a challenge to stop viewing Work and Life as distinctly separate ways of living. The goal is to view all of life’s activities as LIFE. This is an exciting way to look at Work-Life Balance in a new way. It is also a call to action asking us to examine if we truly enjoy our work. Why spend a lifetime doing something you don’t enjoy doing?

All this advice is well and good. This week and next we are going to take the concept one step further. There are still practical matters that need to be addressed. A person may absolutely love what they do professionally AND personally, but there are still only 24 hours in the day. Sometimes the kids have piano lessons and homework due the same night a friend you haven’t seen for months invites you to Happy Hour, which happens to be the same night before a huge report is due to your boss. Happened to anyone? What can you do?

While there is no magical way to turn yourself into triplets at the exact moment you need, there is something you can do proactively. You can take a careful look at your responsibilities and craft a plan on how to delegate tasks that do not require YOUR direct involvement.  I can hear the skeptics saying, “I’d love to delegate, but I am the only one who knows how to do XYZ.” This is where the next challenge gets really good. Please examine how you found yourself in a position where you are the only one who knows how to do XYZ.

I will not judge your reason (maybe it is lack of personnel, it’s too much work to train someone else, there is no time, or it’s truly because of self-serving egotistical reasons), but I will encourage you to consider the incredible benefits of moving forward with a plan to delegate. One concrete way you can do this effectively is to develop process and write it down. I am blown away by the number of businesses and agencies that still train employees how to complete tasks by a method I like to call ”Legends told around the campfire.” People! Write your processes down! Writing your process ensures continuity, adherence to policy, and accountability. It serves as an invaluable reference point for employees to defer to if you are suddenly not available to impart your wisdom. Stories told around the campfire morph, get confused, and are for entertainment purposes only.

Writing process, training manuals, or how-to articles is not in everyone’s skillset. An awesome solution is this: Hire a copywriter. A good copywriter will listen, capture your business detail, and put it into logical, actionable words. This is an effective way to ensure that employees or another designee will know what is expected and be able to act on your behalf, with consistency. Copy Done Right has a talented group of writers available to help lay the foundation for your Work-Life Balance needs. Choose Copy Done Right to take the best of your knowledge and create clear process for your business and training needs.

-Angela, Content Manager

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