Entrepreneurs and Perseverance

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Perseverance. Dedication. Tenacity. These are admirable and necessary characteristics of an entrepreneur. Many business success stories share a common theme of overcoming obstacles, and pressing on no matter what. The pursuit of passion. The American Dream. The concept seems very glamorous and even a bit romantic. The truth is, owning and operating a business is really hard work. It’s also not as glamorous as initially hoped. At times, it can even be downright devastating, make you second guess yourself, and put a real strain on various relationships. Isn’t it amazing how one rebuff or rejection can make you question why you thought owning your own business would be so great? Never mind the dozens or even hundreds of other leads that did pan out! I think the disappointed feeling is strongly related to the initiative and drive that brought the business owner into action in the first place. When you really care about something, those little rejections can feel so big. This is why having a healthy dose of perseverance is so important.

Business owners invest incredible amounts of time and resources to make their business succeed. This is especially true in the early stages of growth and development. The dedication often means a sacrifice of family time, social time, gym time, and personal time. It’s ironic! Many business owners chose to be in business for themselves to have MORE of this time! So, what’s an entrepreneur to do to? Press on, right? It’s almost like a rite of passage. Face the obstacle, deal with the valley, and keep climbing until you reach the summit. No matter how tired…but, my question is:

Is all this sacrifice, under the noble guise of perseverance, truly necessary?

The answer is a resounding, perhaps. It’s undeniable that business administration, marketing, customer relations, revenue, employee retention, and more are competing for your time. As a business owner you are asked to wear many different hats! There aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything well. Sometimes the mundane business tasks will take so much of your time that you’ll struggle to find time to do the things you love most about your business. An idea to prevent burnout and fatigue is to build partnerships. Solid partners will help you stay focused and keep you accountable and grounded. Consider outsourcing the work that is important & essential, but not your true passion or strength, to moving your business forward, faster. Doing so will increase your ability and desire to persevere. Trusted partners can motivate and prevent you from running on empty. Don’t let your initial vision of success become obscured by all the small stuff. Take control, take a deep breath, and call Avant Synergy today!

-Angela, Operations Manager

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