Embracing Possibility

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Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes. One year. 2014. Done. Over. Blessings, and goodbye.

So, what do you think? Was it as good as you’d hoped? Better? Worse? Did you accomplish what you resolved to do? I did. Wait…what?! Nobody ever says that!

You’ve probably heard, just as I have, that most resolutions fail after the first few days.  Sometimes after only the first few hours.  Blame the champagne for those short-lived plans. With this as the norm, I guess it is a big deal to say that I kept mine.

Want to know my secret? I kept it simple.

My only “goal” for 2014 was to be open to possibility. I just had to pay attention. Ask questions. Be available. OK, I realize this does require some effort and intentionality. Yet, it was actually pretty easy.

I even have tangible results. It is in the fact that you are reading this right now. I’m writing. You’re reading. Awesome!

In spring of 2014 I observed my dedicated and passionate friend, Heidi Bloomer, taking some serious action to start her new business, Avant Synergy. I watched from a distance (we lived across the street from each other) and secretly marveled at her entrepreneurial spirit. One day, she invited me to join her on a quick cross country adventure. She was going to meet one of her first clients. Thinking I could use a short “girl’s weekend” away, I agreed to keep her company. It was on that trip that I became more intrigued, and started asking more questions about what exactly it is she does.

Within a week of returning to Minnesota, I emailed her my resume. When looking it over she recognized a certain talent in my writing. Suddenly I found myself enthusiastically accepting writing assignments of various nature. This newfound passion continues to expand! As you may have guessed, I am now honored to be a regular contributor to the Avant Synergy blog. Thank you in advance for your readership. On behalf of the leadership team of Avant Synergy, we are looking forward to sharing an incredible 2015 with you. Our desire is to add value to your day and fill you with inspiration. Avant Synergy intends to be a catalyst this year, moving your business from possibilities to results. Happy New Year!

-Angela, Operations Manager

Contact us at: avantsynergy.com/contact

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