Easy Ways to Start Saving Money Today

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Saving money can seem impossible sometimes. For my husband and I, that time is now. With a new baby in the house it was time to start saving money for her additional expenses.

There were the obvious things to do, like stop eating out so often, quit shopping for luxury items, look for sales, etc.. But we were in search of more creative and easy ways to start saving money that we could start immediately and actually stick to! The following three ideas have been game changers for us!

1. Have an Allowance
If you were one of the lucky children who were given an allowance every week growing up then this one should come easily for you! A great way we found to save money is to take out a certain amount of cash each week, predetermined by our budget. By doing this, rather than using our debit or credit cards it helps make more sound decisions on what to spend your money on. Bonus points if you save any left over money in a piggy bank each week.

2. Drink More Water
Water is not just great for your health, it’s also great for your wallet. Add up the cost of the soda, juice, tea, coffee and alcohol you drink on a weekly basis. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all that money in your pocket at the end of the week instead? This rule goes double when out at restaurants due to sky high drink prices.

3. Double Your Meals
The biggest hit our bank account was taking was from eating out. We found that by doubling our recipes or cooking multiple meals at once and freezing half, we could stop relying on expensive takeout food and save precious time on meal prep.

Do you have any easy money saving ideas? We would love to hear them! Share below. ?

Sarah Krotz

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