Two years, Too Amazing

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It’s March 14, 2016. That means tomorrow marks two years since Avant Synergy’s official beginning. However, Avant Synergy had been in the works for years. More years than I even realized, until recently. As I take a minute to review the last ten years of my life, so much of it was spent preparing for […]

Fire Within

Igniting the Fire Within

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Fire within Focus intense Eyes locked on the horizon A single breath rises and falls, solid, filling her chest Heart swells, rhythmic beating Slow… steady… purposeful… She will persevere. Silent as a stalking tiger Alert as a hungry hawk She will not be underestimated Goals, dreams, all within reach One final push The journey has […]

Moving Forward, FASTER

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Don’t you love it when life lessons show up in unexpected places? Earlier today I was attending to my morning run. Last week’s post, Running the Race with Perseverance, was on my mind as I thought about what to write this week. I assumed position on the treadmill and got my playlist queued up. Next […]

Running the Race with Perseverance

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As a runner enthusiast I simply cannot write a series of blogs about perseverance without speaking to how running has taught me some of the most valuable lessons about perseverance. I ran my first half-marathon at the age of 31. Prior to training for this event I had never run any distance further than three […]

Win Your Own Lottery

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People went crazy buying lottery tickets in January. The jackpot was at a record breaking high. People across the nation united in mission and hope. Buy tickets. Win. Live the life they’d always imagined. Except, when all was said and done, only a couple of people walked away with their lives forever changed. The rest […]

Strength…Business…and Butterflies?

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Every now and again I’ll hear or see something that lands on my heart in a powerful way. I love when it happens so unexpectedly and in the most unusual of forums. Like the time I attended a Bubble Show at the Woodbury Library with my two and four year old… It’s been a few […]


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