Avant Synergy Bonus Blog- Featuring Hawaii

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At Avant Synergy, we love promoting other business that also add value to others, have incredible customer service, and provide an amazing, unique experience. Today, we want to share with you some businesses on the Big Island of Hawaii that wow’d us! I recently spent the week in Hawaii with my family, and realized how much […]

How to make Work-Life Balance Happen

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The last two blog posts, Stop Trying to Balance it All, and End the Pursuit of Work-Life Balance, provided a challenge to stop viewing Work and Life as distinctly separate ways of living. The goal is to view all of life’s activities as LIFE. This is an exciting way to look at Work-Life Balance in […]

Stop Trying to Balance it All

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Project Managers are able to juggle many different balls in the air at one time. They are effective, efficient, and the epitome of balancing it all. Extraordinary humans, actually. Planning, facilitating, motivating teams, meeting deadlines as well as budget targets, effortlessly. The more tasks they are given, it seems, the more they can do. What […]


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