Avant Synergy’s Spring Cleaning Guide

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Last week, I gave you five reasons why spring cleaning is important. Today, I want to help you tackle the challenge with a helpful guide. Personally, I love spring cleaning! Opening up the windows and letting in fresh air is therapeutic in itself, but to top it off with a newly organized and refreshed home […]

Angela’s Pantry Makeover Helps My Marriage

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Look readers, I love my husband, but the man just does not have the organization gene. You know the kind of guy I’m talking about right? The type who throws his dirty socks on the floor, right next to the laundry basket. Well this month, I have decided to make his life, and mine, easier […]

Top 5 Items on my Home Organization Wish List

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My Pinterest page is filled with DIY projects and recipes and rooms that I will never be able to re-create. However, every once in a while I come across a project so simple that I actually add it to my home organization “wish list”. These projects are the perfect mix between clever, inexpensive and relatively […]


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