New Services & Packages Available Now!

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Hey friends! Avant Synergy is pleased to announce that we have updated our services to better support YOU and your needs! These newly improved services will have the following key features: Hourly, Weekly, Monthly, Or Yearly Contracts for Business & Project Management Services as well as Administrative Services Expanded Writing Services Comprehensive Web Services Newly […]

Fire Within

Igniting the Fire Within

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Fire within Focus intense Eyes locked on the horizon A single breath rises and falls, solid, filling her chest Heart swells, rhythmic beating Slow… steady… purposeful… She will persevere. Silent as a stalking tiger Alert as a hungry hawk She will not be underestimated Goals, dreams, all within reach One final push The journey has […]

Moving Forward, FASTER

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Don’t you love it when life lessons show up in unexpected places? Earlier today I was attending to my morning run. Last week’s post, Running the Race with Perseverance, was on my mind as I thought about what to write this week. I assumed position on the treadmill and got my playlist queued up. Next […]

Running the Race with Perseverance

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As a runner enthusiast I simply cannot write a series of blogs about perseverance without speaking to how running has taught me some of the most valuable lessons about perseverance. I ran my first half-marathon at the age of 31. Prior to training for this event I had never run any distance further than three […]

One Thing You Can Do To Avoid Project Pile Up

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If you have ever felt that you’re spinning your wheels at work, with projects piling up, despite your best efforts to be focused…you might work for government, or your work-focus strategy might need a little tweak. It is inevitable that workloads will ebb and flow. Some days it rains, some days it’s a tsunami. Can […]

Best Tips for Staying Focused

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The purpose of today’s blog is to remind you to stay focused. There is a lot of noise, garble, and distractions competing for your valuable time and attention. It’s getting in the way of your best productivity! I’m not just talking about the usual suspects such as social media and television. Often times it is […]


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