Building your Best Team

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Finding the best employees or business partners to team with is a challenge. Attracting qualified, competent, and reliable people is every business person’s wish. Competition to source the best and then retain those individuals is tremendous. During the month of March, the team at Avant Synergy has a goal to provide you with some tangible ideas on how to find the best talent and build the best teams. It all starts with…

Job Analysis

The first matter of importance is analyzing the job vacancy. A good job analysis involves reviewing what it takes to be successful in a particular position and identifying the specific tasks and requirements of the job. Details such as the routine responsibilities, duties, knowledge, skills and talents needed to perform the job appropriately should be included in the analysis. A thorough job description captures these components. A well written job description will help weed people out through a self-screening process. This means prospective hires should be able to clearly identify whether they can meet the expectations of the position BEFORE they apply.

As a job seeker, a candidate should have a good understanding of what the employer is looking for. Likewise, as the employer, you should always go into an interview with intention and understanding of what you are looking for. There are certain core competencies that transcend all job openings. Identifying the competencies needed for YOUR particular vacancy and prioritizing them will take you far when it comes to building your best team. People need to have certain technical knowledge and problem solving skills. Though technical knowledge can often be taught. In addition, basic administration skills such as organization and prioritizing is needed in almost every position. Communication skills, whether verbal, non-verbal, or written, is another desirable attribute. Interpersonal skills, that is, playing well with others, may also be important for an employer to investigate depending on the vacancy.

Business Solutions  

The Business Solutions team at Avant Synergy can help by providing an analysis of what skill sets are needed for various aspects of the work flow. Our talented team of writers can then translate that information into a well-documented job description. If you don’t have time to screen candidates, schedule candidates, or even participate in the actual interviews, Avant Synergy can provide administrative support to make it all happen.

We will help you identify the core competencies needed for a job well done and find the talent to match. Avant Synergy always finds a way to creatively move your business forward, faster.

Stay tuned for more this month on Building your Best Team!

-Angela, Content Manager

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