Building your Best Team-Interviewing Tips for Hiring Managers

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Interviews can be stressful for both the interviewer as well as the interviewee. Obviously, for the person who is seeking to be hired, making a good impression is at the forefront. What about the hiring manager? They have just as much at stake! Finding the best candidate and ensuring best fit. Nobody wants a revolving door of new hires. It takes time and energy to train new people. The best thing a business owner or hiring manager can do is find quality people from the very beginning and keep them!

Not sure what questions to ask to weed out candidates who can talk a good game, but lack the real skillset you need? Read on for some easy interviewing tips and techniques-

  1. You’ll get best results if YOU can set the candidate at ease. Welcome the prospective hire into the interview space, smile, make a little small talk before diving right into the Q and A. This helps the candidate open up and share the information you really want to know.
  2. Your main goal in the interview is to find out about the candidate. A good candidate has already researched your company, read the job description, and has a decent idea of what the position is all about. You actually don’t need to say a lot. Structure the interview in such a way that they do most of the talking.
  3. Take notes! Depending on how many people you have lined up to interview, it may be difficult to recall exactly which candidate said what at the end of a marathon interviewing session.
  4. Co-interview if you are able. Your peer may pick up on something that you miss, and help validate any vibes, good or bad, that you get from the candidate.

The Business Solutions Services division of Avant Synergy is vested in providing you with the best client-experience. Growing your business? Adding staff? Avant Synergy can provide relief in creative ways!

  • Reviewing applications
  • Pre-screening applicants
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Preparing questions and copies
  • Assisting in the actual interview process, taking notes
  • Checking references
  • Documenting activity

Not every business owner has the luxury of an HR Department to take care of all these details. We’ll make it easy and fun. Contact Avant Synergy for whatever your business need. We are excited to help you move forward, faster!

-Angela, Content Manager

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