5 Things We Are Most Thankful for This Year:

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1. Our Clients! Nothing makes us feel more thankful than the privilege of working with some of the best business leaders and entrepreneurs in the world! You are the bee’s knees, thank you!

2. Our Team. Avant Synergy has strived to partner with some of the most innovated and intelligent men and women you will ever meet. We are hard-working, like-minded individuals with an attitude that there is nothing we cannot accomplish! It is a joy to work with each of you.

3. Our friends and family. I imagine that there were quite a few squabbles and rough patches mixed in with the encouragement and support during Heidi’s decision to leave a successful career and start her own company. (Thanks, boss!) We have had the support of our friends and family behind us since the beginning, and today, we are thriving! We could not have done it without some pretty great people in our corner and the sacrifices they made for us. So, thank you, friends and family, for everything you continue to do.

4. Coffee. Thank you. So. Much.

5. Zoom Video Meetings! Getting to chat face to face is important even in a mainly virtual company, but with Heidi in Tokyo that can sometimes be a little challenging. Luckily, we have Zoom (or FaceTime or Skype) to get that invaluable interaction with a real person. Zoom is just like sitting across from your client without the hassle and time-loss of traveling (especially on these icy roads) which is something we can all be thankful for.

So thank you technology, clients, team, friends, family and wonderful, heaven-sent caffeine. We couldn’t do it without you!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

-Avant Synergy

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