Precrastination – The Bad Habit I Never Knew I Had

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So we all know about pro-crastination, where you put something off because you “just can’t right now,” but have you ever heard of pre-crastinating? I hadn’t until a few days ago and unfortunately, I seem to have a very strong habit formed, but the first step is to admit it so here we are. Precrastination […]

Qualities of a Bold Leader

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Bold, as an adjective carries the following synonyms: daring, intrepid, brave, courageous, valiant, fearless, dauntless, audacious, striking, bright, vivid, strong, prominent and impactful. All of these words could be used to describe my mentor, Heidi! She wrote the blog “Leadership and Being Bold” about a year ago which touches on the 6 characteristics someone who […]

What Disney Taught Me About Being Bold

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When I think about bold leaders, the first one to come to mind is Walt Disney. Disney didn’t say he was in the movie business, the theme park business or even the entertainment business. Disney told people, right from the beginning, “We are in the happiness business.” He is considered one of the greatest people […]

Girls’ Trip of a Lifetime

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Avant Synergy loves to foster and share adventure, dreams, boldness, and courage. Take a peek at the amazing girls’ trip of a lifetime our Founder and CEO Heidi took along with her daughter Addy, and friend, Caitlin. Scotland: to-scotland- and-england/ London part 1/3: 1/ London part 2/3: express-sightseeing-day/ London part 3/3: bit-of- our-trip- […]


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