Business Solutions for Work-Life Balance

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Now that you have hired a copywriter to capture your business process and create clear training guides you are one step closer to achieving Work-Life Balance to the max. Every business needs an organized foundation of policy and process from which they can operate and grow. The point of hiring a copywriter to write your […]

How to make Work-Life Balance Happen

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The last two blog posts, Stop Trying to Balance it All, and End the Pursuit of Work-Life Balance, provided a challenge to stop viewing Work and Life as distinctly separate ways of living. The goal is to view all of life’s activities as LIFE. This is an exciting way to look at Work-Life Balance in […]

End the pursuit of Work-Life Balance

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Work-Life Balance is a popular concept. There are very few of us who haven’t attempted to be more efficient, better prepared, or reduce scheduling demands in order to spend time in other ways. The issue with Work-Life-Balance is that it suggests there is a trade-off. Using the word balance presumes that Work and Life are […]

Stop Trying to Balance it All

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Project Managers are able to juggle many different balls in the air at one time. They are effective, efficient, and the epitome of balancing it all. Extraordinary humans, actually. Planning, facilitating, motivating teams, meeting deadlines as well as budget targets, effortlessly. The more tasks they are given, it seems, the more they can do. What […]


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