Why Your Business Needs Copywriting!

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Avant Synergy is excited to announce the launching of Copy Done Right! A professional content and copywriting business based in St. Paul, MN. Copy Done Right will operate as a subsidiary of Avant Synergy, LLC. What an adventure it has been taking this business from an idea to a reality. For several months CDR has […]

Kanban not in effect

The Pantry Kanban Saved

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This week I’m excited to share the results of my latest organizational project. During the month of August I’ve been motivated to tackle various home org projects. The goal is to spend this time purging and organizing so as to make room for my life to be filled up with experiences (of my choosing!). My […]

Three Easy Tips for Staying Motivated

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I’ve been reading a number of articles to better understand the concept of motivation and success. Why do some people strive to accomplish more? What drives people to become entrepreneurs…long distance runners…world travelers? Additionally, I have been trying to understand, and glean practical wisdom, on how to sustain motivation. Especially when feeling completely and utterly […]


Organizing Feels Good

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After tackling the clutter under my sink last week I was feeling motivated to see what else I could purge and organize. I’m on a mission to improve my time management by decluttering. I’ve got the bug. What can I say? It was pretty easy to decide on my next organizational project. My husband’s side […]

Improve Time Management Skills by Decluttering

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Time Management. Mastering the Art of Scheduling. Balancing it all. Today’s blog could have so many titles. What time management boils down to is how to effectively accomplish everything that needs to be completed. Everyone faces not having enough hours in the day to balance it all at some point. There are a number of […]


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