Guest Blogger: Fear of Being Ordinary

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For this writer, the worst assignment is “write about anything you want.” I once wrote an entire essay on how torturous it is for a teacher to give such an open-ended topic. I got an A, but it didn’t make choosing what I wanted to say any easier. In fact, this blog started out that […]

One Thing You Can Do To Avoid Project Pile Up

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If you have ever felt that you’re spinning your wheels at work, with projects piling up, despite your best efforts to be focused…you might work for government, or your work-focus strategy might need a little tweak. It is inevitable that workloads will ebb and flow. Some days it rains, some days it’s a tsunami. Can […]

Benefits of Staying Focused

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Why is it important to do things that help you stay focused? I don’t know about you, but I find questions like this to be really thought provoking. I mean, clearly the answer is – just BECAUSE! But really, when we delve into the why, the answers are very interesting. As Angela pointed out last […]

Best Tips for Staying Focused

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The purpose of today’s blog is to remind you to stay focused. There is a lot of noise, garble, and distractions competing for your valuable time and attention. It’s getting in the way of your best productivity! I’m not just talking about the usual suspects such as social media and television. Often times it is […]


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