Strength…Business…and Butterflies?

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Every now and again I’ll hear or see something that lands on my heart in a powerful way. I love when it happens so unexpectedly and in the most unusual of forums. Like the time I attended a Bubble Show at the Woodbury Library with my two and four year old… It’s been a few […]

Identifying the Ideal Client

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A few weeks ago I read a couple of thought-provoking blogs from fellow entrepreneurs that I follow. The theme of both blogs was centered on the concept of identifying the Ideal Client. Both reads stirred my psyche. As a business owner, I am certainly tasked with a multitude of responsibilities. One such responsibility (and no […]

Creating a Culture of Optimism

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Change. This is a powerful six letter word. It evokes excitement in some, fear in others. It is embraced just as often as it is resisted. It is inevitable, yet somehow takes us by surprise each time. Some days can bring more challenges and changes than others. Changes in management, cash flow, resource allocation, product […]


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