Forward, Faster with SMART Goals – Part 2

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Last week I presented the importance of setting SMART goals. I provided an example that highlighted the difference between setting a general goal of increasing customer satisfaction and a SMART goal focused on the same outcome. In closing, I suggested that business owners set aside time and space to review their business goals and ensure […]

Forward, Faster with SMART Goals – Part 1

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Starting and operating a business presents on-going risk, excitement, and challenges. Many businesses struggle, and even outright fail within the first couple of years. Running a business is hard work and not for the lackadaisical. One of the most important things a business owner can do to proactively work towards success is create and regularly […]

Best Advice for Being Organized

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I am going to share my ultimate organizational advice in this post. It’s tried and true information that has allowed me to accomplish dozens of tasks in one day, keep my office clutter-free, and my home totally spotless. Well, just kidding about the last one. I have two tornadic toddlers at home. My home is […]

Embracing Possibility

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Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes. One year. 2014. Done. Over. Blessings, and goodbye. So, what do you think? Was it as good as you’d hoped? Better? Worse? Did you accomplish what you resolved to do? I did. Wait…what?! Nobody ever says that! You’ve probably heard, just as I have, that most resolutions […]


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