• Avant Synergy Moving you forward, faster!

  • You're in business to
    do what you love,
    not get buried in paperwork.

  • Real Synergy Our experienced project managers can lead
    or augment your team, increasing productivity
    while keeping overhead low.

  • Make time for
    your passions.
    Reclaim evenings and weekends—
    let us pick up the slack.

Project Management

The skill and experience to lead your team effectively through any project, while keeping overhead low.

Administrative Assistance

No job is too small. We can help organize your workplace or your life to maximize productivity.

Business Solutions

The resources and expertise to accomplish any task: Partner with us to move your business forward, faster.

Tailored Service

The talented individuals that makeup our team can find a solution to any problem you may have. Just ask.

Extensive Competencies and Boundless Flexibility

We specialize in remote assistance through a variety of tools, and can quickly adapt to whatever technology your team uses. Our team's business acumen means agility is one of our strengths—whether it's virtual desktop, remote access, cloud storage, or just emailing documents back and forth, we can integrate into your workflow or build a solution that suits your needs.

Our Clients

Moving you forward, faster!

"Avant Synergy was able to focus on the pulse of where I needed to go. The work they are doing is amazing and I would highly recommend Heidi and her team to anyone wanting to grow their business"

Bruce A. Reichert | DamBreakers

"As a sole-proprietor, I have been very cautious about growing by too much too quickly. Avant Synergy’s flexible assistant and business services have allowed me to move my business ahead without fear!"

Linda Grubish | That’s My Idea Marketing

"Too many people try to take everything on themselves and think they are saving money by doing so. That is simply not true. Having a team of people working together doing what they are good at means success. You will save money, time, and have more success if you have Avant Synergy working with you."

Jeremy Hage | All Wash, Inc.

As a leader of a large national chain, I value this team’s responsiveness, communication, and the ability they have to make you feel like you are their only client. The team is flexible to your needs while telling you what their strengths are. They also bring the perspective of working with other clients so you don’t get the “how you have always done it” way of thinking. I look forward to what the future brings for Heidi's team, and ours, with her a part of it.

Jessica Hart | Restaurant Development - Facilities

"Avant Synergy was able to focus on the pulse of where I needed to go."

Bruce A. Reichert | DamBreakers

“If you are feeling overwhelmed with your businesses, Avant Synergy is your answer”

Jeremy Hage | All Wash, Inc.

“When they were done our office felt like a whole new space. People that walked into the office were astounded.”

Kathy Mueller | Woodbury Dance Center

“From working on the proposal to executing our plan together, we have been beyond satisfied.”

Laura Scheidecker | ChiroWay Franchise, LLC
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Based in Minnesota, Serving the World

Avant Synergy is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, but our team specializes in working remotely.
This keeps overhead low for you, and grants us the flexibility to provide unmatched tailored service for you,
delivered by the best person for the job.